Gallery – AIIP 2019

On 9th to 13th December 2019, EYE Investment Club heads to Shanghai for the first time ever for our annual flagship Asian Investment Immersion Programme (AIIP) and we are excited to share with you how our experience was like!

[AIIP Shanghai Day 1] Fenghou Capital @ Innospace+ We first paid a visit to Fenghou Capital. There, Vice President of Investments Caren Wang introduced to EYE members the process of venture capitalism. She explained the steps and considerations of investing in China start ups and provided insights into the China start up market.

[AIIP Shanghai Day 2] Dianrong The sharing by Bryan Pang, the ex Chief Risk Officer of Dianrong, gave us a look into the Fintech scene in China. We discovered the key risks faced by the industry and how industry professionals are looking to overcome them. Mr Pang also shared with us the challenges of Fintech expansion into various countries.

[AIIP Shanghai Day 3] Capitaland The third company that we visited was CapitaLand where we learnt more about Fixed Assets Investment in China, specifically how the company decides on which lands and buildings to invest in. They also revealed how different macro-economics factors would impact their business strategy and gave insights into their business model.

[AIIP Shanghai Day 4] GIC The talk at GIC shed light on sovereign wealth fund investing & management in China. The investment team detailed to us how GIC decides on its investments and explained the rationale behind their current portfolio. They gave insights into how investment risks are managed in overseas markets. Shanghai Futures Exchange Our visit to Shanghai Futures Exchange revealed to us how the investment landscape in China has evolved over the years. We learnt of Shanghai Futures Exchange roles in the past and present. We also gleaned a clearer understanding of how futures trading and investments may be carried out in the future.

[AIIP Shanghai Day 5] OCBC At OCBC, we gained an overview of China’s economic performance and got acquainted with the banking industry in China. We learnt of the various laws and regulations governing the industry as well as how a foreign bank, OCBC, navigates the China landscape. We would like to give our appreciation to those who helped to make this trip possible and special thanks to the events team that went to Shanghai earlier to recce!